Real Estate


Looking for your dream home? Looking for an investment? Ready to sell?

Metropolitan Homes is a boutique real estate agency founded by an American and a Hungarian property expert in 2011.  Built on their international experience and local knowledge they provide the best real estate service one can find in Budapest.

Working  together with Metropolitan Homes as a team, we can assist clients in every step on their journey, whether it’s buying or furnishing an apartment.

The highly trained and licensed real estate agents and assistants, who all speak a high level of professional English (and other languages) will guide you through the process of buying, selling or renting a property in Budapest and I can get the property prepared for sale, staged and marketed to get you top dollar.

If you are in the market for a new home, our agents will help you find the perfect property and if needed, can guide you through the remodel process to customize and create your dream home. If you love your current home and aren’t ready to move, but the home needs remodeling or decorating, I am here to help transform your home!

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